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October 23, 2016

August 19, 2016

August 16, 2016

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Why 'Boards'?

July 4, 2016

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Hamilton: another week, another $1.9 million gross!

October 7, 2016

 Many moons ago, I sat in a theatre with my business partner as guests of the Obie awards. I believe it was 2007. One of the winning shows, for music & lyrics, was 'In The Heights' by Lin-Manuel Miranda. I had not yet seen the show, I did not know who this gentleman was. My business partner reminded me that I had complained at the noise coming from a rowdy group sitting directly behind us—I was so full of myself! A member of that group had just won an Obie—for music & lyrics. Yes, Mr. Lin-Manuel Miranda. In addition to the win, the group had been talking excitedly about a new show they were working on, a show called 'Hamilton'. I strongly suspect that at that time none of them could possibly conceive the extent to which their next artistic endeavor would take the theatrical world by storm—perhaps dreamt that it might? I've never had the opportunity to be in that position, but I wonder if you know deep in your gut that you've got a hit on your hands, or does it take you somewhat by surprise?


I saw 'Hamilton' six months into the Broadway run through the generosity of a dear friend (I had tried to get tickets, like so many, and was told nothing was available until 2029—only kind of kidding). I sat in the audience with that same business partner and witnessed simplicity, originality, uber-talent, excitement, ensembleship, hope, and history being made (or perhaps re-made). Prior to seeing the show, a fellow Brit wanted to know if the show was a 'civics' lesson for Americans. Afterwards I assured her that it most definitely was not, it was supremely more than that. It's always exciting to know I'm palpably part of history. Though historically I probably have more in common with His Royal Highness George III (!), I'm proud to work in an industry never afraid to push boundaries and challenge conventional thinking. Something I hope to do in all the work I create.

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