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Do you know what a playwright is? A playwright is someone who lets their guts hang out on the stage.

Edward Albee

Read. Collaborate. Engage.

We are all storytellers, but playwrights supply the words. It’s simple: you want to write, I like to direct. I have no problem receiving unsolicited scripts via email, so feel free to shoot me your magnum opus. However, including a brief treatment-like synopsis, and (perhaps more importantly) a few sentences about yourself—why a writer, what makes you tick dramatically & thematically etc.—would go a long way in terms of an introduction. I’d also like to think I was a voracious reader, but that gene seems to have bypassed me somewhat, so if your brief synopsis has me hooked, I’ll be more inclined to read the whole script. Just sayin’.


I like to work on new writing that packs a provocative punch, despite the genre, and is not afraid to dig deep into its subject matter. The projects I aspire to collaborate on and develop are those that consciously seek to connect with the communities around us, particularly those we may never encounter, through audacious imagination and bold, thought-provoking word-craft.


All that being said, I very much look forward to reading you!

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