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Homeless and How We Got That Way

by Dan McCormick

The Access Theatre, New York City

This powerful drama offers a compelling insight into society's still-taboo underbelly and the human spirit that rises above it. The layers of the human psyche are gradually peeled back to reveal how, propelled down a path of destructive addiction, we are forced to come face to face with the dark truths of our own nature. During the course of one night, haunted by the horrors of their pasts and a brutal murder in the present, Eloise and Sidney journey to seek safe haven in each other, but only by bottoming out in the depths of despair can the rebuilding of a new life truly begin its genesis.


Director: James Phillip Gates

Set Design: Kevin Kedroe

Lighting Design: Travis Sawyer

Costume Design: Raven Roberts

Production Stage Manager: William Gilinsky

Assistant Stage Manager: Julia Levine

Technical Director: Malcolm A. Davis II


Cast: Richarda Abrams, Bryan Hickey

This is stark reality, thought-provoking and emotional. Not for the weak of heart but definitely worth seeing.

Laurie Lawson -

Relentlessly gripping and heart wrenching.

Theatre is Easy -

The audience is lured into the complex world; as the play progresses, the characters shift about, resembling holograms of human existence, vacant corpses dancing to a desperate boozing tune, anxious to recall their past lives.

Theater Pizzazz

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