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Janka by Oscar Speace

The June Havoc Theatre, New York City

This is one woman’s journey of survival and hope, from the beautiful Romanian town of Sighet, through two of history’s most notorious death camps - Auschwitz and Dachau, to the shores of the United States and the embrace of the American Dream. Janka, adapted from Janka Festinger’s sixty page hand-written letter to her uncle of the events following the Nazis’ internment of Romanian Jews in 1944, provides a deeply personal, moving, and often humorous account of her courageous life.


Janka is ‘a grueling odyssey of self-realization that is testimony to her love of life and her will to survive’, and poses the ultimate dilemma of whether or not to share painful personal information to illuminate an incomprehensible and unbearable truth.

Director: James Phillip Gates

Set Design: Richard Hoover

Lighting Design: Travis Sawyer

Assistant Set Design: Kevin Kedroe

Production Stage Manager: Gina Costagliola

Assistant Stage Manager: Tochi Shilow

Sound Design: Dan C. Crambel


Cast: Janice Noga

Full of both joyous, seemingly happily-ever-after moments and moments of intense sorrow and loss — no emotion is spared.

Washington Square News

Charming, refreshing, heartbreaking and tragic.

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