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Tales from the Trundle by Francesca Van Horne

Originally presented as part of the United Solo Festival and

Theatre Row Studio, New York City

European Tour 2017

Bridewell & Courtyard Theatres, London

Le Gymnase, Paris

This original one woman show is about surviving abuse, battling the New York court system, divorce, and healing. Told through various characters, tears, Paris, laughter, friendship, romance, sex, and ultimately the greatest gift of freedom, which is that of self-transformation and self-love. La vérité c'est la liberté— truth is liberty.

Director: James Phillip Gates

Lighting Design: Travis Sawyer

Sound Design: James Phillip Gates

Production Stage Manager: Kyle James Johnson


Cast: Francesca Van Horne

I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. All I do is grieve and fear, and sweat, drink coffee, smoke, exercise, drink, and cry. I feel like a squirrel trapped in a cage. It’s not even the drugs, the gambling, the women, it’s his chronic case of asshole-ness I can’t take anymore. I’m dying. And someone is going to die for real if I don’t get us out of here. It’s like living with a loaded gun in the house...

'Valentina' - Tales from the Trundle

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