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Cloud Tectonics by José Rivera

The Culture Project, New York City

Cloud Tectonics takes place in a world where years can pass in a single night, and asks if there ever exists a 'right time' for love. On a stormy night in Los Angeles, a lonely man picks up Celestina, a pregnant hitchhiker, and welcomes her into his home. She claims she is 54 years old and has been pregnant for two years. Clocks stop, visitors materialize, and love ticks towards its inevitable climax.

Director: James Phillip Gates

Set Design: Casey Smith

Lighting Design: Paul Hackenmueller

Costume Design: Heather Klar

Technical Director: Mark Mocha

Production Stage Manager: Lauren Arneson

Sound Design: James Phillip Gates

Assistant Director: Todd Parmley

Cast: Frederique Nahmani, Julio Rivera and Luis Vega

A dreamlike atmosphere permeates everything in José Rivera's Cloud Tectonics. Director James Phillip Gates tunes right into Rivera's wavelength, creating a world where time does indeed feel like it's standing still. If an entire production could be said to figuratively float by, it would be this one; the overall effect is hypnotic.

James Phillip Gates' sensitive direction.


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