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Macbeth by William Shakespeare

The Mint Theater Space, New York City

This bloody, unrelenting drama, Shakespeare's most popular play, which looks so deeply at the tortured human psyche, is set against the backdrop of a dangerous, sinister underworld, where power, money and suspicion are all mixed in a boiling pot with lust, vice and murder.


This nihilistic tale tells of one ex-soldier's violent rise to power through the ranks of a mercenary army. Twisted by fate and a power-hungry spouse, he shows us the ravaging and tangible effects of fear, the destructive impact of our own nature's dark forces through senseless, unjustified killing.

Director: James Phillip Gates

Set Design: Casey Smith

Light Design: Travis Sawyer

Costume Design: Heather Klar

Sound Design: John Kemp

Production Stage Manager: Christine J. Massoud


Cast: Kristin Barnett, Melissa Center, Tracy Hostmyer, Emily Hubelbank, Duane Boutte, Craig Braun, Nick Lawson, Tom Macy, Hugh Martin, Tyler Moss, Michael Peterson, Andrew Pifko, Isaac Woofter, Trey Ziegler

Gates's Macbeth is one of the most visually and aurally gorgeous pieces of theatre I've ever seen. Gates is a director to watch—if his work continues to have the same intensity, intelligence and visual flair as his Macbeth, I eagerly await his future output.

You'll probably never find a sexier, more violent production of Macbeth...its more shocking elements are played-up to provide a breathtaking, intermissionless, 110-minute experience.

Drama Desk

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