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Terror Superhighway by Kevin McHatten

Cherry Lane Theatre Studio, New York City


The Patriot Act meets Match.com in this twisted, psychological thriller about a regular guy, interrogated by secret agents of a security-obsessed government.

Terrifying accusations concerning his involvement in underage pornography, drug dealing and the funding of overseas terrorism, thrust him into a personal Orwellian nightmare in which he is forced to face his darkest fears and the establishment-sanctioned consequences of societal disengagement.

Director: James Phillip Gates

Light Design: Travis Sawyer

Costume Design: Troy Ray

Sound Design: James Phillip Gates

Production Stage Manager: Cambra Overend


Cast: Tracy Hostmyer, Tyler Moss, Gerard Joseph, Jemil Oz.

Smart, spartan, and high-octane.


Terror Superhighway dives head first into the murky waters of complex and charged political issues. Director James Phillip Gates bring[s] to light a terrifying and truly frustrating world where no one is safe and even the most unexpected person can be a suspect.